Statement by the EIT Governing Board in response to the recent external assessments of the EIT

The EIT greatly appreciates the constructive input it has received from various sources and European stakeholders on its mission and accomplishments. In particular, the EIT welcomes the external perspective offered and is extremely pleased with the overwhelmingly positive feedback received on its overall mission, concept and first achievements.

The level of positive interest surrounding the EIT in its early stages is powerful evidence of the fact that the EIT and its activities are not only noteworthy but worth pursuing. The results of the Open Consultation show, in the words of the European Commission, “a high level of support to the EIT mission, objectives, and added value”, and the External Evaluation states that “There is a consensus amongst those interviewed for this study that the stated objectives of the EIT are all relevant. Overall, support for the EIT is strong.”

The EIT does not, however, see this as endorsement to rest on its laurels – quite the opposite. It is also very receptive to the constructive criticism mentioned in particular in the External Evaluation. The EIT is very proud, not only to share its accomplishments, but equally importantly, to announce speedy developments since then in setting up the foundations for further progress. In this connection, on 18 May 2011, the EIT Governing Board appointed José Manuel Leceta as Director of the EIT. He took up his duties on 01 July 2011 and has already introduced a series of measures to streamline key business processes, to help implement the Board’s future strategies and, most importantly, to add value to KICs including service offerings beyond grant giving.

The Evaluation recommends that the EIT’s focus up to 2014 should be on consolidation and delivery. This is very much being embraced by the EIT Governing Board as it is building upon the lessons learned to date, is focusing on consolidating the efforts undertaken so far to translate these into concrete outcomes, and on further delivering the results and messages needed to turn the EIT into a globally recognised Institute for innovation excellence, both for its operations and intelligence. Beyond this the EIT will be focussing its efforts on becoming a true innovation impact investor under its new Chairman of the Governing Board Alexander von Gabain, who took up his role on 15 September 2011.


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