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Leaftech improves well-being and anticipates the needs of people in indoor environments. Its digital building twin predicts upcoming energy and comfort demands to upgrade building automation and smart home systems. 

Leaftech, 2019 EIT Change Award winner, examines a building and develops a digital twin to generate a thermal building model. By feeding that model with weather insights, energy usage patterns and user behaviour, Leaftech anticipates future energy and comfort demands. The analytic results transform the smart home and building automation systems from reactive to proactive control.

The EIT Climate-KIC education team and network provides a perfect environment without any bias or pressure, which allows ideas and yourself to be tested.

Michael Dittel, CEO, LeafTech GmbH


During EIT Climate-KIC’s summer school, Leaftech's team developed advanced shading technologies based on organic photovoltaic module. Leaftech kept working on the concept first, but soon recognised the market demand for smart building control strategies.

Unique selling points

Leaftech combines Building Information Modelling, 3D-City models and satellite scans to set up the digital twin. The intel Leaftech collects is assembled and merged in an automated process and linked to user data and weather APIs. Leaftech's processes are designed in the leanest way possible to keep the services fast and efficient without compromising on quality data.

Societal impact

People spend 93 per cent of their time inside buildings. It is therefore not surprising that these consume 40 per cent of global energy production. Leaftech's solution helps improve quality of life while simultaneously reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

EIT Community support

Leaftech benefited from substantial support from the EIT Climate-KIC Accelerator. Leaftech benefits from the funding, the offered workspace, peers, and expert coaching. Leaftech was even able to cooperate with other start-ups. In addition, Leaftech exchanges ideas with the network and active members of the EIT Climate-KIC community.


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