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CorPower Ocean


CorPower Ocean is developing a unique Wave Energy Converter (WEC) to efficiently and sustainably harvest wave energy, thus revolutionising the world of renewable wave energy.

The ocean is one of the largest untapped renewable energy sources and the world’s largest natural battery. Inspired by the pumping principle of the heart, and after 30 years of research, CorPower Ocean wanted to contribute to a clean-energy future and tap into the vast energy potential stored in our oceans.

Opportunities to present a subject you’re passionate about to an audience as eager as you to move things forward, should not be missed.

Matthew Dickson, Technical Project Manager, CorPower Ocean

The WEC addresses the key challenges of efficient wave energy harvesting in a unique way. CorPower Ocean has developed a novel and advanced Power Take Off (PTO) system which enables efficient energy production with high natural frequency and lightweight design. Additionally, CorPower Ocean is able to address the challenge of ocean survivability by utilising the same PTO system to effectively make the device transparent to large incoming, and potentially damaging, waves. 

Wave energy aligns perfectly with the general desire to decarbonise our society with the market potential to displace 0.8 to 1.6 Gigatons of CO2 every year. Also, it allows diversification of the energy production sector and creates lots of jobs, both qualified and unqualified, in multiple deployment regions.

EIT Community support

People from EIT InnoEnergy were the ones who first believed in our product and were ready to actually put money into it, thus facilitating attracting other investors. We also received valuable business advice and continue to keep EIT InnoEnergy up-to-date with our latest developments.

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