Wellola: security, patient portal and scheduling

Online & app-based Wellola, supported by EIT Health, combines practice management software with a free patient app. The patient-facing portal not only reduces correspondence & no show costs, it also future-proofs your clinic with secure infrastructure to offer telecare when your patients need it.

Transform your clients' experience via scheduling for in-person or video-consultation care, secure messaging, digital letters, backed up by record-keeping & payment facilities, all directly from your clinic website.

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  • Save Time

Save time & manage all your client administration in one, easy-to-use, hassle-free platform. Features include scheduling, note-keeping, digital letters, appointment reminders, secure messaging, billing & payment facilities. 

  • Free Patient App

Offer a premium healthcare experience by offering your clients a patient portal. This works directly from your website & via the free Communicare App. Empower patients to contribute to the management of their own health with features such as your personal educational library.

  • Save Money

How much do you spend on post? How much do no-shows cost you each year? Reduce avoidable communication expenses with our messaging, digital letter & reminder features.


  • Security

We take the care of your data very seriously. It is stored & backed up in multiple AWS data-centres, encrypted in transit & at rest, architected with the specialist support of DNM Group (an AWS Premier Partner). We are also currently undergoing independent ISO 27001:13 certification.

  • Patient Portal

Easily offer your patients a seamless healthcare experience with our award-winning patient portal. As a small provider or large enterprise you can set up in minutes, integrate Wellola into your website & provide your patients with the complimentary Communicare app.

  • Scheduling

Recent research suggests that over 30% of all clinic bookings happen out of hours & 50% of all phone-calls are appointment-related. Enable your patients to self-schedule 24/7 for both face-to-face or video-consultations, depending on how much of your schedule you choose to show. 

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