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Answering EIT Culture & Creativity's Calls on World Art Day

EIT Culture & Creativity is our newest Knowledge and Innovation Community entirely dedicated to supporting the Cultural and Creative Sectors and Industries (CCSI). However, it needs your help to give the next generation of European artists the chance to shine.

If you're an education provider, a product developer, a business support provider, or someone who can provide a communal and creative space for artists, please reach out and answer the Calls! EIT Culture & Creativity is only just getting started putting together a network of education providers, businesses, innovators, and more to create a network where the arts can thrive and contribute to a more sustainable planet.

For instance, it's already taking the lead on a project to make textiles and fashion more environmentally friendly up and down the value chain. If you feel your organisation can help, we invite you to answer one of EIT Culture & Creativity's five calls depending on what you'd like to contribute.

Learn more and download the call documents

But don't wait too long to fill out your call application. Make sure you send your Expression of Interest by 31 May 16.00 CET!

If you're an education provider:

  • Call 1: Future-proof European CCSI by developing new Master's programmes through Talent Scaler
  • Call 2: Renew and refresh artists' skills by developing lifelong learning opportunities with Skills Fitter

If you're an innovative product developer:

  • Call 3: Develop products and services in architecture, audio-visual, cultural heritage, design, as well as the fashion and textile sectors with the Breakthrough Lab

If you're a business support programme provider:

  • Call 4: Help new CCSI businesses find their footing and help them scale up with the Venture Factory

If you're someone with a communal space ripe for creative activity:

  • Call 5: Create a space where new social and creative bonds can be forged with the Community Catalyser

Want to learn more about any or all of these calls? You can join our Community on 25 April for EIT Culture & Creativity Infoday!

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