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Digital Learning Toolkit: Resources for Successful Online Teaching

Learn how you can devise and lead a digital learning experience with the help of these online teaching tools and resources. 

Convert your face-to-face teaching into digital learning

In the light of the global COVID-19 crisis, much face-to-face (F2F) education and training is being transformed into online and digital formats. But, you can still engage your students with today’s technology.

Build a digital learning course to teach remotely

Our Online Education Team has built a Digital Learning Toolkit every online teacher needs to have. With these resources, you can design and deliver online courses easily. Make use of remote teaching methods that create a successful and enjoyable digital learning experience for your students

Learn how you can teach your students digitally

Pooling our shared expertise and experience, the learning design teams of EIT Climate-KIC and Eindhoven University of Technology offer advice and resources for trainers, coaches and learning designers to create successful online courses.

Teach online classes and engage your students digitally

Whether you need to deliver learning or training fully online or through blended approaches, this course covers every aspect of design and delivery. From exploring relevant theories and principles, through storyboarding interactive learner journeys using different channels and platforms, this course will prepare you to plan and produce digital learning that achieves the required outcomes.

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The course is developed under the Human Capital project, in particular under the task of Dissemination of education methods,  jointly implemented by EIT Digital and EIT Climate-KIC.