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EIT Digital Innovation Factory 2022

Submit a proposal to join EIT Digital in boosting entrepreneurship for a strong Digital Europe.

EIT Digital opens its proposal submission period for 'Innovation Factory 2022' and accepts Activity proposals throughout 2022. 'Innovation Factory 2022' targets entrepreneurial minds planning to launch or boost a deep tech venture. The work programme is guided by the EIT Digital Strategic Innovation Agenda 2022-2024, which identifies the five focus areas of our strategy: Digital Tech, Digital Industry, Digital Cities, Digital Wellbeing and Digital Finance.


Submit your proposal

Planning to launch or boost your deep tech venture? Come work with us! Participate in the EIT Digital Innovation Factory 2022:

  • Entrepreneurial proposals by pan-European teams from business, education and research organisations are a focus for the EIT Digital Innovation Factory.
  • Venture creation or early-stage venture boost proposals need to be submitted by a team of 2 to 4 complementary organisations embedded in EIT Digital’s ecosystem, from at least 2 different European countries, and ready to collaborate intensively on a joint plan for 6 months.
  • Proposals should present a specific technology solution for an important business pain, aligned with our 5 strategic focus areas. A well-identified venture team, launching customers and private investments in the venture are additional ingredients of a strong proposal. Proposals are also requested to contribute to the financial sustainability of EIT Digital.
  • Accepted proposals will start immediately after the results of the selection process are published.  
  • If your proposal is selected, EIT Digital will co-invest in your plan to support you in launching or boosting your venture, packaging your technology, signing up customers and attracting additional investors.

How to participate?

Please read carefully the Innovation Factory 2022 document and the Cut-off 1 specific document available below.

Download Innovation Factory 2022 document

Download cut-off 1 specific document

EIT Digital is a partnership organisation. This implies that organisations in the selected proposals are expected to be or become Partner of EIT Digital.

Should you need assistance in finding Partners of EIT Digital to collaborate with or have further questions about EIT Digital in general and Innovation Factory 2022 in particular, please contact the relevant Node.