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EIT Digital Summer School 'E-health personalised prevention'

Join the EIT Digital Summer School in Tallinn on 26 July - 08 August 2020

Application deadline: 15 April 2020

Healthcare is struggling. Data is not used enough to build new preventive services for improved patient care. Insurance companies, medical centres, hospitals and governments are still lacking integrated mechanisms to use data for personalised medicine. At the same time, the potential of providing better care and tools to prevent and treat diseases is huge.

A new field of research and industry has emerged. It seeks to use the data available to build better health services and tools for personalised prevention. These services will be based on better use of health data – using algorithms to prevent, predict and detect disease before it is too late.

This EIT Digital Summer School focuses on the interaction between healthcare research, education and business. The program focuses on the impact of data: using real-life use-cases to develop prevention-based products for improved health systems. Making them more efficient, accessible and value-providing.

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The participants will gain knowledge of the specifics of healthcare data industry, and can define the current barriers for using data for personalised prevention. In two weeks, the teams have developed real-life data product prototypes, which help to detect diseases or suggest prevention behaviour tips for patients. Participants will experience first-hand how innovation works in the unique market of health care. Business ideas generated during the summer school may also inspire the partner organisations to pursue further development towards products and services.

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Local healthcare institutions will contribute business cases and data to give a starting point for the idea development. Representatives of medical centres and institutions, biobank, insurance, doctors and nurses will be supervising the students’ work and contribute their expertise. A number of organisations will be able to provide their input including public and private health organisations.

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