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EIT RawMaterials Alumni Board Elections

EIT RawMaterials is looking for Alumni members who would like to take an active role in the future of EIT RawMaterials Alumni by becoming members of the Alumni Board.

Working together with the EIT RawMaterials team, you get to make key decisions on the direction of our network.This is your chance to shape EIT RawMaterials Alumni and make sure your voice is heard!

The Alumni Board held 3 face-to-face meetings per year before the pandemic. We are planning a Handover Board meeting as early as spring of 2022. The Board members keep in touch via regular online meetings throughout the year. In addition, you get to play a pivotal role in planning the key events in our calendar, such as EIT Alumni CONNECT.

The new board members will be decided on by the Alumni members themselves, in an anonymous online election which will take place in the week beginning 27 January 2022. All Alumni members will be eligible to vote.

We’re looking for nominations for President, Treasurer, Marketing Officer, Events Officer, and Industry Chair. So if you are interested, you have to submit your nomination until 20 January 2022.

Here’s a short overview of the expected responsibilities.

  • Oversees strategic and coordination operations, links to EIT RawMaterials and EIT Alumni.
  • Chairs Alumni Meetings and attends meetings of the EIT Alumni Board.
  • Prepares the meeting agenda and strategy for the board meetings.
  • Acts as the public face of the EIT RawMaterials Alumni by presenting at events and conferences.
  • Maintains an overview of the budget
  • Gives a financial update every meeting
  • Maintains an overview of KPIs
  • Has a regular call with the EIT RawMaterials team to coordinate on spending
Marketing Officer
  • Oversees external and internal marketing and develops a marketing strategy in conjunction with the EIT RawMaterials team
  • Responsible for initiating regular communication formats
  • The webmaster of the online platform, in conjunction with the EIT RawMaterials team.
Industry Chair
  • The main representative for outreach to industry partners to form collaborations.
  • Mapping the industrial partner network and targeting companies, in conjunction with the EIT RawMaterials team
  • Attendance at key industry events/networking
  • The Industry Chair role must be held by an Alumni member who is currently employed at a company or working in a start-up.
Events Officer
  • Responsible for developing events strategy, in conjunction with the EIT RawMaterials Alumni team
  • Oversees logistics and execution of Alumni-run events
  • Helps to pinpoint external events that are important for our members

Positions are for two years. If you would like to stand for one of these positions, you can submit your nomination below. You will be required to submit a short video (no longer than 2 minutes) telling us why you think we should vote for you!

Submit your nomination here