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Pre-qualification Notice: EIT Community Officer of the EIT Community RIS Hub in Portugal

EIT Health (contracting authority) is seeking to appoint an EIT Community Officer for Portugal to coordinate and oversee the operations of the EIT Community RIS Hub between 2024-2025.

The role of the EIT Community Officer (ECO) encompasses three primary operational domains aimed at fostering collaboration, disseminating information, and enhancing the visibility of the EIT Community. Responsibilities include:

  • orchestrating various EIT Community awareness-raising events
  • facilitating participation in national events
  • managing information dissemination through multiple channels
  • overseeing the upkeep of the EIT Community RIS Hub website

Additionally, the ECO is tasked with identifying opportunities for joint projects among EIT Knowledge and Innovation Communities (KICs), supporting the implementation of joint activities aligned with regional priorities, and serving as a central contact point for local stakeholders and local innovation actors. Furthermore, the ECO is entrusted with maintaining records of EIT Community RIS Hub members, nurturing relationships with them and with other EIT Community offices, establishing physical spaces for stakeholder engagement, and streamlining administrative processes to optimise operational efficiency.

About the EIT and its Community RIS Hubs

The EIT Community is a group of nine thematic communities (the KICs) set by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) to boost innovation and entrepreneurship. All nine KICs are working together as one EIT Community to accomplish the EIT's mission and to deploy EIT Community RIS Hubs in 22 European countries and the outermost regions of France, Spain, and Portugal. The EIT Community RIS Hubs aim is to provide local innovators with a unified source of information on all services and opportunities provided by the entire EIT Community, both locally and internationally. The EIT Community RIS Hubs will also serve as a centralised gateway, for local innovators, to all EIT KICs.

Deadline: 31 May 2024

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