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The EIT’s call sounds across the Mediterranean with three new EIT RIS Community Hubs

The EIT RIS Community Hubs will provide full access to EIT Community activities for innovators in Malta, Montenegro, and Cyprus.

Styliani Petroudi, ECO of Cyprus

The three EIT Community Officers (ECOs) in charge of the new Hubs are dedicated to the EIT Regional Innovation Scheme (RIS) mission of bridging the geographic innovation gap between European countries. Malta, Montenegro, and Cyprus fall under the ‘modest’ and ‘emerging’ innovation ecosystem categories defined by the European Innovation Scoreboard. That means they’re eligible for the EIT Community’s RIS activities and with these new Hubs, innovators in these three countries will be more closely connected to these opportunities than ever. 

Eligibility for RIS activities includes access to regionally-focused education programmes, innovation projects, and business creation activities like EIT Jumpstarter, the InnoStars Awards, or the Teaching Factories competition. 

As the EIT Community Hub, our ambition is to empower the region by turning unique challenges into innovation opportunities, connecting local actors to the EIT's pan-European ecosystem, and fostering sustainable growth through tailor-made RIS activities.

Styliani Petroudi, EIT Community Officer of Cyprus


The top priority: accessibility

Branka Zizik, ECO of Montenegro

All three ECOs have made it their goal to make the EIT Community across Europe as accessible to local innovators as possible. EIT RIS activities will provide a gateway to Europe’s largest innovation network, which includes all actors in innovation like universities, businesses, and research centres. The RIS both builds up local ecosystems and builds cross-border collaboration on solutions that can tackle global challenges like climate change. 

‘Given that Montenegro is an ‘emerging innovator’ country, the EIT is well designed with engaging schemes that connect education, research and business,’ says Branka Zizik, ECO of Montenegro. ‘This can support the increase of innovation and technology capabilities.’

‘One of my most important objectives is to raise the visibility of EIT in Cyprus and ensure that the EIT Community RIS Hub reaches across the island - providing access to the EIT innovation networks,’ explains Styliani Petroudi, ECO of Cyprus. ‘This will elevate Cyprus’ innovation capacity and integrate it into the wider European innovation landscape.’


Developing a culture of innovation everywhere

Diana Miceli, ECO of Malta

The EIT Community doesn’t just connect existing innovation actors – it helps new ones grow. The new EIT RIS Community Hubs will be a one-stop-shop for all of the EIT Community’s entrepreneurial education programmes, innovation projects, and business creation activities. 

‘My immediate and most crucial objective is to nurture and support the growth of our local community towards a culture of innovation,’ says Diana Miceli, ECO for Malta. ‘The most significant milestone I’ve achieved so far in my role has been the ability to bring together like-minded individuals and entities dedicated to making a tangible difference in climate action. This collective effort marks the beginning of a unified approach to addressing one of the most pressing challenges of our time, demonstrating the power of collaboration and shared vision in driving meaningful change.’


My focus is on creating an inclusive and dynamic environment where every individual feels supported in their journey towards innovation.

Diana Miceli, EIT Community Officer of Malta

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