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#EITCrisisResponse - EIT Food: COVID-19 Rapid Response Call for Innovation projects

This call is open to partners and non-partners of EIT Food.

At EIT Food, we believe that we are all responsible for, and connected to, the food that we eat so we all need to work together to improve it. Our role is to bring all players together, and guide and accelerate the innovation process that will transform the food system.

#EITCrisisResponse - EIT Urban Mobility launches a COVID-19 Response Call for activities in 2020

EIT Urban Mobility announces a new call dedicated to addressing urban mobility challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The exceptional COVID-19 Crisis Response call has simplified procedures and an accelerated process to ensure impact can be delivered in the short-term. Proposed activities must be implemented and completed within the 2020 calendar year. The available fund will be up to EUR 6 million.