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inHEART (France), which transforms cardiology through an AI-driven digital twin of the patient's heart, created from pre-operative CT and MRI scans. This innovation identifies intervention targets before procedures, enhancing precision medicine in cardiology. inHEART's initial solution streamlines cardiac catheter ablation, making it faster and more accessible. The clinician-driven approach aims to democratise cardiac procedures globally, particularly in underserved areas. With substantial clinical and economic benefits, inHEART reduces intervention costs, improves patient outcomes, and has already benefited over 5 000 patients. It also replaces single-use mapping catheters made of expensive materials to reduce environmental impact. EIT Health has been a vital supporter, aiding in regulatory processes, R&D, and financial support, contributing to the team's growth and success. 

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EIT Health has been a tremendous support since the early days of inHEART through the different programmes we participated in. It helped us speed up our regulatory journey and R&D programme, especially with financial support enabling us to create jobs and grow the team. EIT Health has also been very supportive by matchmaking with experts and outreaching partners.