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Mohamed Elamir

Supported by

EIT RawMaterials  

Nominated for

EIT Changemaker Award

Mohamed Gamal Elamir Mohammadein (Egypt), co-founder of Woamy (Finland), which specialises in cellulose-based biofoams that serve as a sustainable alternative to plastic foams. These bio-based, recyclable foams have superior strength, insulation, and shock-proofing. Woamy's vision is a viable, eco-friendly substitute for plastic foams, taking a stand against ecological waste harming marine life and the planet's ecosystem. Mohamed’s leadership journey under EIT RawMaterials includes active participation in entrepreneurship tracks, events like EIT RM Label Startup Day 2021, and networking with EIT Alumni. These proved invaluable in guiding Woamy's entrepreneurial trajectory. 

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The experience at EIT RawMaterials was nothing short of transformative. Beyond the structured academic curriculum, it ingrained in me a multifaceted skill set - gaining a special academic curriculum from a double degree in the advanced and sustainable materials, critical thinking, networking with the researchers and the industry, pitching idea, to collaborative research skills and commercialisation experience.