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Urban Mobility Next #3 AI Mobility Landscape in the EU

Artificial Intelligence (AI), capable of driving productivity and economic development, is radically transforming and impacting citizens, business, and public service. Its prevalence in everyday life will only continue to grow. Indeed, business leaders, regardless of company size or sector, understand the potential of AI to change their business operations and models. A Forbes Insights survey in 2018 showed that among over 300 executives, 95% believe that AI will play an important role in
their responsibilities in the near future. While discussions around AI tend to focus on technological possibilities and ethical considerations, new business models are critical for large scale AI adoption.

AI research in the European Union (EU) focuses largely on security, regulation, and ethics. In this way it is staying true to its fundamental values by focusing on human-centred, ethical, and secure ways to embrace AI opportunities. This approach is to be lauded and will serve to strengthen European leadership in AI, retain expertise and improve cybersecurity.