Climate-KIC Conference - Role Models of Innovation for Tackling Climate Change

Climate-KIC will be showcasing its innovative activities on climate change mitigation and adaptation: from training students of today, to inspiring innovators of tomorrow and supporting business starts-ups.

Who’s the target audience?
  • Academics, post-graduates or researchers working on climate change issues
  • Public organizations encouraging low carbon behaviour
  • SME's offering low carbon products or services

This conference will highlight how we are working with academia, business and the public sector to develop and commercialse innovative climate change products and services across Europe.

Who’s organizing the conference?

Climate-KIC's Lower Silesia region (RIC) is hosting and organizing the conference in the city of Wroclaw. Wrocław is a vibrant, historic city on the forefront of change in New Europe. It’s an academic center with 22 institutions of higher learning and over 140,000 students. It’s also a dynamic business center with an economy increasingly based on new technologies and innovation.

Further information and registration

Online Registration is open from the 5th to the 16th of November 2012. Please visit the following and use "kic45paR12" as the Registration Password.