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EIT Health: Paris partnership benefits Venture Centre of Excellence


HealthTech For Care, a patient-centred fund, partnering with EIT Health on October event.

EIT Health is partnering with HealthTech For Care, a new patient-centred endowment fund, to co-promote a series of events aimed at meeting the economic and societal challenge of accelerating access to innovative healthcare solutions for all patients.

The first joint event planned, HealthTech Innovation Days (HTID), will host meetings to advance EIT Health’s Venture Centre of Excellence (VCoE) initiative.

Scheduled for 5 and 6 October 2020 in Paris, the HTID will build on the success of the initial HTID event, which was held last year and included EIT Health participation. It brings the European healthcare community together to discuss new trends in research and development.

This year the HTID will act as a venue for in-person meetings involving the VCoE, an initiative that EIT Health is taking in collaboration with the European Investment Fund (EIF). The VCoE is the first collaborative framework on a pan-European scale aimed at fostering relations between corporates from the pharma/med-tech sectors and managers of European life science venture capital funds.

The HTID is an ideal event at which to bring together new VCoE members and the broader Life Science investment community for the first time. This is especially true as the VCoE’s operational teams will be based in Paris

Jean-Marc Bourez, Managing Director of EIT Health France and Head of the VCoE

EIT Health CEO Jan-Philipp Beck added: “Partnering with HealthTech For Care to hold and co-organise the HTID event is an amazing opportunity to host the first bi-annual Venture Centre of Excellence members’ meeting. This connection with the EIF, the largest investor in European life science venture capital and the sector’s most active limited partner with approximately EUR 2 billion in commitments, close to 100% market coverage and an annual volume of around EUR 300 million, is a tremendous opportunity to mobilise the investment needed to scale.”

About HealthTech For Care

The HealthTech For Care endowment fund, which established the HTID, is an organisation designed to support and promote access to care for all and, more specifically, to new medical technologies and drugs. The missions of the endowment fund are structured around three main areas: Supporting the development of the entire health ecosystem, accelerating the development of innovative therapies and treatments, and promoting better access to healthcare for patients in the French healthcare system and more widely throughout Europe.

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