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Entrepreneurship Seminar

The EIT is now entering into its operational phase via the selection of the first two to three Knowledge and Innovation Communities (KICs) before the end of 2009. In view of the call for proposals for KICs, launched in early April, the EIT organised the Entrepreneurship Seminar which built on the thematic seminars and addressed a vital component of the Knowledge and Innovation Communities (KICs).

Opening session (chaired by Daria Gołębiowska-Tataj)

Maria Orlowska, Secretary of State at the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, Poland,

Tadeusz Więckowski, Rector of the Wroclaw University of Technology

Jordi Curell Gotor, European Commission, DG EAC, Christian Weinberger, European Commission, DG ENTR, and Martin Schuurmans

Presentation by Daria Gołębiowska-Tataj - “Why entrepreneurship is a must for a KIC proposal”

Presentation by Anders Flodström"Entrepreneurship education in KICs"


Session A: “Capitalizing on Europe’s research potential: three generations of entrepreneurs” (chaired by Daria Gołębiowska-Tataj)

Alexander von Gabain, Co-founder, CSO and Member of the Management Board, Intercell AG

Linnar Viik, Director of Skype Access at Skype Technologies Ltd.; Founder and Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Keelevara Ltd.

Javier Garcia - Co-Founder, Director, Chief Technology Officer of Rive Technology


Session B: Panel discussion: "Entrepreneurship in the KIC thematic areas: sustainable energy, climate change adaptation and mitigation, future information and communication society" (moderated by Daria Golebiowska-Tataj)

Mark Harris, Director of the Intel Higher Education & Research Programmes

Hannu Talvitie, Research Manager, Vaisala Oyj, Finland, manufacturer of electronic measurement systems and equipment for meteorology and environmental sciences, traffic safety and industrial applications

Emilio Paolucci, Politecnico di Torino; Cofounder Electro Power Systems, leader in the market of fuel cell power systems


Session C: “The role of co-location centres as hubs for entrepreneurship'' (chaired by Martin Schuurmans)

Koen Debackere, Managing director of K.U. Leuven R&D; Chairman of the Gemma Frisius Fonds, venture capital fund; co-founder and chairman of Leuven. Inc., the innovation network of Leuven high-tech entrepreneurs

Victor Mayer Schönberger, National University of Singapore, Information + Innovation Policy Research Centre; John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University; Founder of Ikarus Software 
"Locating Innovative Entrepreneurship"

Heather Potters, Managing Partner, Baring Communications Equity Emerging Europe, venture capital fund; business angel and co-founder of PharmaJet

Closing session

Martin Schuurmans, Daria Gołębiowska-Tataj and Governing Board Members

The EIT also thanks the students from the Technical University of Wroclaw for their active contribution to the success of the event. 

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