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EIT ICT Labs: Cloud Day in Stockholm - Things are really taking off!

Cloud and Big Data Day 2014 in Stockholm offered presentations on a wide field of topics related to the Cloud - working with big data sets and extracting value from them, hardware and gathering data, storage and how to accelerate storage, keeping more and more data in memory and various kinds of analytics. The Cloud Infrastructure needs to be able to manage the increasing and large data sets that are streaming from the many billion devices of the Internet of things.

The programme, organized by Björn Hovstadius, EIT ICT Labs Business Development coordinator for Cloud related projects and startups, offered a mix of cutting-edge research, commercial applications and real business cases . Some of the large EIT ICT Labs projects were showcased, i. e Edge Computing for Lower Latency in Mobile Applications, by Peter Pietzuch, Imperial College, London and the newly launched High Impact Initiative called Trusted Data Management with Service Ecosystem, presented by Markko Kuthvonen.

The ambition of the EIT ICT Labs initiative is to provide consumers and business with better tools and services to take greater control over the use of sensitive and personal data created by and about them. SME’s will get the chance to use a platform built on the expertise of the EIT ICT Labs partners, to create new services in a European Trusted Cloud.

Kostas Tzoumas, Data Artisans in Berlin, presented the open source project, Apache Flink. It is a data processing engine originating from the Stratosphere project at TU Berlin, SICs and other universities with ties to EIT ICT Labs. Now the Apache Flink is undergoing incubation. A Flink hackathon was organized in Stockholm the two days following the Cloud and Big Data Day on October 7. More events are planned in Berlin and in Silicon Valley (more information here).

"We are almost there... It is more fun now than ever before, things are really taking off. I am impressed with the speed from both industry and academia", concluded Daniel Gillblad, SICS, at the end of a full day that gathered a pan-European panel of speakers and audience from education, research and business. All presentations can be watched and downloaded at