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EIT InnoEnergy supported ecoligo helps Impact Hub Accra to produce zero-emission electricity

EIT InnoEnergy ecoligo

After the first three successful crowdfunding projects from German start-up ecoligo in Kenya, they took the next step forward.

By opening a new branch in Accra, Ghana, ecoligo brings its solar-as-a service solution to Impact Hub – a co-working space which creates sustainable solutions to regional challenges to support individual growth in Ghana.

Currently, Ghana has challenging electricity problems such as blackouts combined with high electricity costs. After the election of President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo hopes for developing the renewable energy industry in Ghana were high, but the country is still facing financial problems with delivering solar projects for small and mid-sized companies.

This fully financed solar project by ecoligo helps the Impact Hub become independently of the national grid and generate their own zero-emission electricity. Ecoligo will install an 8.1 kWp rooftop solar instalment capable of generating 12 MWh of clean energy each year. In order to provide electricity at night and during a blackout the project will include a Hoppecke energy storage unit which ensures that the system can operate off-grid if needed. This helps Impact Hub secure power sources with lower energy costs.

William Edem Senyo, CEO of Impact Hub Accra said: '[tweetable alt="We are happy to include ecoligo in the community of dynamic teams working at the Impact Hub in Accra, and it’s great that we can also benefi"]We are happy to include ecoligo in the community of dynamic teams working at the Impact Hub in Accra, and it’s great that we can also benefit from their solution.[/tweetable] Powering Impact Hub Accra with ecoligo’s solar-as-a-service solution will help us lessen our environmental impact, improve the reliability of power for the Hub and strengthen our message of sustainability as we work on building the city’s first grassroots innovation enclave.'

Martin Baart, CEO of ecoligo pointed out the importance of this partnership: 'It’s really important for us to have a permanent presence in the market, rather than conducting business from afar; both in terms of knowing our clients and increasing efficiency. We have already seen how this has helped us to build strong relationships with partners and clients and we are looking forward to increasing our presence here.' 

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