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EIT InnoEnergy supported start-up CorPower expands in Scotland

EIT InnoEnergy-supported start-up CorPower expands in Scotland – preparing for Orkney deployment

CorPower embarks on the Scottish ocean energy ecosystem

Following a rigorous on-land test programme with the latest generation Wave Energy Converters in Stockholm, CorPower Ocean – a start-up supported by EIT InnoEnergy – and project partners are preparing for the upcoming installation at the European Marine Energy Centre in Orkney. Supporting the growing activities in Scotland, the subsidiary CorPower Ocean Ltd has been established with offices in Kirkwall, Orkney.

CorPower Ocean

Patrik Möller, CEO at CorPower, said: '[tweetable]We[/tweetable][tweetable] are delighted to have our Scottish operations up and running[/tweetable], and to have attracted some top talent to our operations team. [tweetable]We are already seeing the immense value of working in the Scottish ocean energy ecosystem[/tweetable], with significant lessons learned from previous wave projects. We are looking forward to working closely with Orkney supply chain that brings unique operational experience to the project, having deployed more ocean energy devices than anywhere else in the world.'

Tim Hurst, Managing Director, Wave Energy Scotland, said: 'To allow us to use the very best available technology, the WES programme is open to technology developers from across Europe. Scotland is THE best place to develop and demonstrate wave technology where the wave energy resources exist. This project is a new collaboration between a Swedish Power Take-Off technology provider and the Orkney supply chain to deliver a real sea demonstration of the device.'

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