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EIT Urban Mobility supported Last Mile Team leads Europe towards more resilient good road transport

EIT Urban Mobility supported Last Mile Team

Last Mile Team, an EIT Urban Mobility Business Creation’s portfolio company, is the winner of the first Spanish National Mobility Award in the Product category.

This award recognises the team as a catalyst to the green and digital goods road transport twin transition, and a solution that improves cities’ liveability and contributes to achieving the EU Green Deal and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals objectives in the short, medium, and long term.

Founded in 2016 by a core team of diverse age, gender, culture, and background group of people with deep knowledge in their respective fields of expertise, they are one of the so-called deep-tech start-ups. They make use of Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Internet of Things, and other advanced technologies, but what makes them fit for the purpose is the deep impact of their solutions to solve urban logistics and last mile delivery global problems that affect all cities in the world.

Their inclusive digital solutions enable cities and companies to build, evaluate, select, and put into daily operation Digital Twins of fairer, smarter and greener urban logistics, and last mile delivery business models. Innovative models that achieve impactful results balancing all stakeholders’ interests, customers convenience and competitive dynamics, minimising disruption and improving the Triple Bottom Line.

They were among the first 15 teams selected for EIT Urban Mobility Scale-up Hub, as one of the teams that will shape the future of sustainable urban mobility in Europe and beyond! They were also selected to join EIT Urban Mobility GoGlobal, a programme to take the participants to the next level.

Fredrik Hanel, EIT Urban Mobility Business Creation Director

We thoroughly enjoyed both programmes. Meeting and working with mentors, city representatives and investors to review, identify and implement improvements to our growth, fundraising, marketing, communication strategies, etc. It was a very intense learning experience. It was particularly exciting to give, take and share with a community of like-minded founders who want to improve mobility in its broadest sense. For us, it was a chance to meet people we normally wouldn’t meet and openly discuss any topic to a very deep level.

Ángel Batalla, Last Mile Team CEO

Their solutions are currently in TRL 7, being applied in the Horizon 2020 funded LEAD project that will create Digital Twins of urban logistics networks in six European cities, to test and represent different innovative solutions for city logistics, to address the requirements of the on-demand economy while aligning competing interests and creating value for all different stakeholders.

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