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Community activites

EIT Community initiatives are programmes in which KICs come together to develop strategic services, fostering synergies and delivering cost-effective solutions through economies of scale. 


To be ahead of the curve, Europe must nurture its whole talent pool - no matter where they live - to bring new ideas to the market. Many Central, Eastern, and Southern European scientists and researchers work on cutting-edge solutions but need a boost to their businesses and a proper spotlight. That’s where we come in.

Together with seven EIT Knowledge and Innovation Communities (KICs), we run EIT Jumpstarter – a pan-European pre-accelerator programme designed to help new start-ups reach the market faster. This is one of the broadest entrepreneurship programmes in the European Union and beyond in terms of geographical coverage, thematic span, and impact.

If you are an innovator from Central, Eastern, and Southern Europe who wants help building your start-up and accelerating the market adoption of your ideas, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll prepare you through a seven-month-long pre-acceleration. Once you’re ready, you can then join other acceleration programmes provided by the EIT Community and individual KICs to catch the eye of investors. 

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