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New MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) now available from the EIT Innovation Communities


Register now for the three new synergetic online courses co-produced by the EIT Innovation Communities.

The courses that focus on three topics that are high in the policy debates in Europe and around the globe are the following:

  • Blockchain in the Energy Sector : This online course co-produced by EIT InnoEnergy and EIT Digital studies the incredibly disruptive potential of blockchain technology in the energy sector, how blockchain works optimizing old processes and empowering the customers like never before, the background, value proposition and geopolitical context that brought it to the center of everyone’s attention.   Find out more here. 
  • Big Data in Health:  This online course co-produced by EIT InnoEnergy and EIT Health explores the intersection of data analytics and healthcare, how information management methods, machine learning and data visualisation are used in data analysis to inform better decision-making in healthcare. Find out more here. ://
  • Impact of Climate Change on Public Health:  The course, co-produced  by  EIT InnoEnergy, EIT Health and EIT Climate- KIC explores the impact of climate change on public health, the direct and indirect ways in which climate change is affecting health around the globe and how to leverage the data that is publicly available, to campaign for changes to behaviours or policies, at both a local and regional level.  Find out more.  

Course details

Co-produced jointly through the cooperation of the EIT Innovation Communities, the courses are delivered globally via an online education platform and are now available for registration by students, professionals, EIT Alumni as well as citizens who wish to find out more about these highly debated topics (a free of charge option for access to the courses is also available - more information provided on the web links).

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