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Top Spanish and Italian energy companies join EIT InnoEnergy

EIT InnoEnergy Enel Enagas

EIT InnoEnergy is delighted to welcome Enagas and Enel into its community


EIT InnoEnergy
Enagás, S.A. is the main natural gas and transport company in Spain, taking care of the technical management of the gas system in the country. It's also certified as an independent Transmission System Operator by the European Union
EIT InnoEnergy

Likewise, Enel is an Italian multinational manufacturer and distributor of electricity and gas. It was first established as a public body at the end of 1962, and then transformed into a limited company in 1992. 

Among the main benefits of being an EIT InnoEnergy member, they are now part of the largest European sustainability ecosystem, having access to the top European start-ups accelerator specialising in energy.

They also enjoy free participation in partners days, invitations to networking events, priority in adopting new products and services, access to the Master School graduation index, and access to The Business Booster, an annual two-day international networking event that showcases more than 150 sustainable energy technologies under one roof.

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