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Videos of the first EIT Urban Mobility Annual Summit now available

Over 900 attendees joined the first EIT Urban Mobility Annual Summit

EIT Urban Mobility's flagship event of the year, the EIT Urban Mobility Summit, gathered 920 people from over 50 countries around the globe.

Relive the event here!

The virtual platform hosting EIT Urban Mobility’s first annual Summit welcomed 2 284 multiple logins, 74 exhibitors, gave the floor to 71 speakers on 9 and 10 December, and 38 speakers on 11 December for the Partners Networking Day, which was only open to partners and on invitation only.

All in all, technology allowed the EIT Community once again to embrace the extended urban mobility ecosystem from a distance and to exchange insights and views on how we can contribute to make sustainable urban mobility a reality.

To go fast, you should go alone, but to go far, you should go together. We believe that there is no other way than going fast together to go far.

Maria Tsavachidis, EIT Urban Mobility Chief Executive Officer

In the morning of 10 December, participants had the privilege to be the first to hear the Director General of the European Commission for Transport and Mobility, Henrik Hololei, debating about the EU's Sustainable and Smart Mobility Strategy that had been adopted the day before by the European Commission, which will pave the way towards mobility compatible with the European climate-neutrality ambition. A strategy supporting urban mobility and making cities more liveable and citizens' lives easier, as Henrik Hololei stated during the institutional session.

To make all this possible, further collaboration on urban mobility between the public and private sector is needed, as Karima Delli, Chairwoman of the TRAN Committee at the European Parliament, stated. This session has also been the occasion for Mohamed Mezghani, Secretary General of UITP, to describe his vision for the way we will move around in 2030: people in cities will be moving less, move more locally and mainly walk in cities, while the speed limit will be 30 km/h, with less privately-owned cars, and the road will be shared with public transport.

Participants also had time to reflect on how our unexpected guest of 2020, COVID-19, has impacted our lives and the ways we understand mobility and safety in urban spaces. Throughout the Summit, participants learned more about how entrepreneurs and start-ups have become this year’s heroes by working on developing solutions that could neutralise the spread of the virus.

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The Summit allowed participants to explore also the views of young researchers on urban mobility. The researchers that are putting their ideas at the disposal of creating solutions that help organisations build more efficient and sustainable means of urban mobility. And participants learnt from others who have implemented successful strategies on urban mobility, which will enable cities to provide better mobility opportunities to their citizens.

The golden closing of these very thrilling days was the InnovaCity Awards Final. Innovacity is a two and a half-day hackathon-style workshop providing participants with the essential skills of design thinking and the opportunity to apply these skills while working to solve the biggest mobility challenges. Amongst all the candidates, it was HelsinKey who won the Innovacity Awards. HelsinKey helps restore people´s trust in public transport with a user engagement platform combining elements of storytelling, communication, and community interaction.

The EIT Urban Mobility Summit 2020 is now behind us. This year has taught us how important it is to be connected. Therefore, the EventsAir platform where the EIT Urban Mobility Summit was hosted, will remain open for some more days, so you will be able to continue to interact with other peers.

Videos are now available and presentations will also be made available shortly. In the meantime, relive the EIT Urban Mobility Summit at the link below:

Watch the videos!

Visit the EIT Urban Mobility Summit website