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Hardt Hyperloop


Towards sustainable high-speed transportation

EIT InnoEnergy supported Hardt Hyperloop aims to create a terrestrial transportation method faster than aeroplanes and greener than electric trains.

The hyperloop is an energy-efficient transportation network that provides commutable trip times at short and long distances, offers direct connections without transfers and intermediate stops, and is cheaper to build and maintain than high speed rail. The technology runs fully autonomously, and the controlled low-pressure tube makes it safer, more reliable, and better for the environment.

Unique selling points

In addition to being faster than aircraft and more energy efficient than trains, the hyperloop is cost-effective and safe. Challenge: Next-generation sustainable transportation

Societal impact

Climate trends call for a breakthrough in transportation sustainability. Hyperloop will answer that call and enable people to easily reach far-flung regions. Basically, there will be a metro network on a global scale.

EIT Community support

EIT InnoEnergy introduced Hardt Hyperloop to potential partners and provided it with essential funding. In April 2019, Hardt Hyperloop signed a strategic deal with EIT InnoEnergy. A sizeable investment, introductions to EIT InnoEnergy’s ecosystem of 430 industry partners as well as access to its commercial resources, helped Hardt Hyperloop to fast track the demonstration of Europe’s first hyperloop test facility.

With this latest investment, the company is getting ready for the next step: to realise the European Hyperloop Center, a three kilometer hyperloop test facility in Groningen, Netherlands  to prove hyperloop technologies at high speeds. 


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