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Joan Hereu Morales


Graduate from EIT InnoEnergy Master School and PhD student in Sustainability & EIT CHANGE Award nominee 

“Studying and working inside EIT InnoEnergy’s ecosystem has helped me connect with and get support from like-minded academics and entrepreneurs, positively influencing both my educational path and entrepreneurial project.”

Joan Hereu Morales’ ideal world is where human activities do not compromise the future of humanity and life on Earth. With this in mind, he wants to spread knowledge and awareness on the impact of our consumption habits, through the app EcoNet. This app will cover the user’s consumption preferences and patterns on various fields and suggest tips and personalized solutions, to lower the impact of the user’s lifestyle and make him/her become more sustainable.

He is a graduate from the EIT InnoEnergy Master School in Renewable Energy and a former intern at two renewable energy start-ups supported by EIT InnoEnergy: Smartive and Pro-Drone. Now, he is focused on the development of new tools for quantification and sustainability management.

For one year, he was a student ambassador for the Innovation Community, sharing his experience and help to connect engineering talents and future entrepreneurs with the sustainability network, through live webinars and personally.

He is also one of the nominees for the EIT Awards 2020 in the CHANGE category. Find out the winners and join the ceremony, on 8 and 9 December 2020.

More about him: here