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Smart tools & services to speed up a circular, transparent and regional textiles economy in Europe (Speedboat-C project)

EIT Crisis Response Initiative Budget: EUR 333 800

Partners: European Technology Platform for The Future of Textiles and Clothing (BE), Lucidminds AI (NL), Circular.Fashion Ug (DE), Sourcebook Gmbh (DE). 

Innovation: The Speedboat-C project ‘s ambition is to contribute to the emergence of a circular, resilient and regional textile industry in Europe. It develops a one-stop-platform for circular clothing design and production. The platform provides automated recommendations for fashion brands and manufacturers. The matchmaking process favours options that advance circularity, increase transparency, and reduce carbon emissions by establishing regional value chains in Europe.

Expected Results: By facilitating demand and supply on its platform, the project partners envision that European circular value chains will create jobs and foster an economy that is in line with its climateneutral targets.

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