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Get your ideas off the ground, bring your innovative idea to life, and take your innovation to the market. Find opportunities to access support and finance.

Researchers will discover that the EIT Community provide them with direct access to companies’ research capacity. The EIT's Innovation Communities have access to state of the art labs spread across Europe.

Our Innovation Communities offer a unique environment to interact with applied research, with a strong focus on the journey from research to market. Have a say in how your research can be used to find solutions to the pressing global challenges facing our society. 

So innovate with us and become part of Europe's largest innovation network!

Find out what the EIT Community offers researchers

Online Event
31/01/202415.30 - CET
31/01/202417.00 - CET
Online Event
26/01/202413.00 - CET
26/01/202415.00 - CET
17/01/202410.24 - CET
18/09/202400.00 - CET
Online Event
14/02/202410.00 - CET
14/02/202413.00 - CET
20/11/202408.00 - CET
21/11/202419.00 - CET
15/05/202408.00 - CET
17/05/202419.00 - CET
21/03/202408.00 - CET
22/03/202419.00 - CET