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AI Challenge 2023: submit your challenges and solutions now!

The EIT AI Community has opened its second edition of the AI Challenge, providing SMEs and corporations with the chance to implement or improve their AI solutions. 

Artificial Intelligence is becoming increasingly popular for addressing various challenges within all industries. However, the lack of familiarity with this topic often leads to uncertainty about how get started. Recognising the challenges that businesses face in various AI scenarios, the EIT Community’s objective is to simplify the process by offering a service that links them with appropriate AI solution providers. 

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How to submit the challenge?

Fill in the information about your challenge in the template below and send it to

Download now!

The challenge submission date has been extended to 30 September.

Do you have any questions about the process or AI Community? Feel free to reach out to Adrian Bablok, Project Manager – EIT AI Community at

What’s next?

In October, we will select the best challenges and search for suitable solution providers. Challenge providers would then receive a shortlist of solution providers from us. Following this, we will organise bilateral meetings with candidates you would like to connect with.

What happens after the challenge providers and solutions providers are connected?

The conclusion of the AI Challenge will be marked by a closing event at the end of the year, where both parties will present their challenges and solutions. A panel of judges will then choose the recipients of the cash prize.

What happens if your challenge or solution is not selected?

Did you miss out on the deadline for submission? Or was your challenge not selected this time? Do not worry. They will be not be lost in our pile of applications. The next AI Challenge is not that far away and your applications will be revisited.

The initiative

The EIT Community AI Challenge serves as your entry point to the realm of AI. This initiative seeks out businesses aiming to address their digitalisation and sustainability transformation challenges by leveraging AI solutions.

Building upon the inaugural AI Challenge 2022, which matched corporations with suitable start-ups from the EIT ecosystem, the EIT AI Community is keen on building upon this momentum. Interested to know about the solutions presented in 2022?

Check out the video: AI Challenge 2022