EIT Food: online workshops and co-creation laboratory

The online workshop will be a two-day event dedicated to professionals from the agri-food sector from RIS regions in Italy, Spain and Poland, but also for students who attended the Summer School.

The workshop will be based on highly professional expert seminars on the following topics: ancient cereals, medicinal plants and technological and market aromatic herbs prospects; sensor monitoring and digital agriculture used for plant cultivation; business models evolution for farmers in rural areas.

The workshop will be structured as follows: on Saturday the participants will interact online with farmers, local entrepreneurs and they will also attend a follow-up lesson where experts provide feedbacks to the contents of the workshop, on Sunday will be devoted to the Co-Creation Laboratory: this activity is intended for professionals from the agri-food industry and students who attended the Summer school. They will form a joint participation and they will propose new models to maximize quality, sustainability and consumer’s choices.

Italy: 19-20 September 2020
Spain: 28-29 September 2020
Poland: 28-29 September 2020

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