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EIT Urban Mobility Competence Hub Open Call

One of the main objectives of EIT Urban Mobility is to close the knowledge gap within urban mobility, enabling the development of mobility for liveable urban spaces. 

This includes fostering innovation and entrepreneurship skills in a lifelong learning perspective. There is a constant need to develop new education methods, content, and business models to improve running operations. There is a need to have an experimental approach and test new ideas, that when shown to work, may be repeated, and scaled up. 

It is imperative that EIT Urban Mobility offers high-quality education, reaches a large audience and market, and gains recognition with a lasting effect, through the quality and impact of its training portfolio. Competence Hub activities must create new, additional, long-lasting value, and leverage the value catalysed by EIT funding, for the ecosystem and all relevant stakeholders of EIT Urban Mobility and their members.

Main features of the Competence Hub Open Call

This is a long-term open call targeting five specific types of activities:

  • CHA1: E-course (SOC and MOOC) production
  • CHA2: Face-to-face synchronous course (or Applied Course) commercialisation and delivery
  • CHA3: Applied Course complying with the EIT Urban Mobility Quality System for Non-Degree Education and Training (EIT Label), design and delivery
  • CHA4: Applied Course complying with the EIT Label, commercialisation and delivery
  • CHA5: Replication, scaling-up, remodelling and B2B commercialisation of existing courses and trainings (CHA5)

Contact details

During the preparation of the proposals, applicants may reach out to the Academy team at

For more information about the open call please 

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