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Venture Centre of Excellence: access to finance and strategic connections

EIT Health and the European Investment Fund (EIF) are partnering to operate the Venture Centre of Excellence (VCOE), a public-private co-investment programme to empower finance for European health small and medium size enterprises (SMEs).

The VCOE connects life science investors with high investment capacities such as venture capital funding, corporate or industrial firms, Technology Transfer Offices, insurers and more – with highly qualified Pan-European SMEs using an exclusive artificial intelligence platform that brings all members together.

Companies in the programme receive support to fundraise and have key access to services provided by EIT Health in support of their Series A, B and up-to-pre-IPO fundraising rounds.

Become part of the programme that already encompasses 2€ billion of investment capabilities!

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What SMEs get

    Fundraise through direct or co-investments utilising our high-capacity investment programme
    Get facilitated access to further non-dilutive funding
    Receive tailored support from experts and others in our network to increase your attractiveness to investors and facilitate fundraising
    Gain visibility amongst a broad range of expertly qualified investors across all health sectors
    Have your company’s needs and opportunities assessed with our exclusive vetting process
    Access the EIT Health ecosystem of offerings, which accelerate your international growth and opens access to finance

How VCoE works

  • Apply
    Submit your application through our platform at any time throughout the year. Upon submission, your application will be checked against the eligibility requirements
  • Get selected
    If your application is accepted, sign an NDA and MoU and pay the assessment fee of €2,000.
  • Reflect with experts
    Provide detailed information for the experts during interactions, which will aid the assessment of your company.
  • Assessment outcome
    Receive your assessment outcome and concrete service recommendations.
  • Sign the agreement
    If accepted into the VCOE, you will be required to sign a participation agreement. This triggers service support and promotion to investors.
  • Success!
    After successful fundraising, a success fee is required based on the funding accessed from new investors thanks to the support of VCOE.

VCoE Members' Meetings

VCOE Members Event in Bits&Pretzels

For the first time, VCOE investor members gathered in Paris in person and virtually during HTID. During VCOE exclusive sessions, they interacted with each other, and the first assessed companies were there to shape collaboratively and pursue co-investments.

29 June 2022 – Munich, Germany 

Other VCOE Members’ Events

SACHS Forum, HTID, BioProcess International Boston, HIHR

Further events to come in 2022

Who should apply

To qualify, your SME must:

  • be based in any Horizon Europe country
  • work in healthcare
  • seek more than 6 million euros in their next fundraising round
  • be developing a transformational technology, currently at TRL6+
  • intend to continue growing in Europe

Financial obligations

Fees to complete the assessment process for companies are €2,000.

Companies that are successful in the selection process and wish to confirm their participation in the VCOE will pay a service and mentorship fee of €8,000.

Upon successful fundraising within the VCOE programme, the SME will pay a percentage-calculated fee of the capital that has been raised thanks to new investors in the company. Further details will be provided during the application process.

Apply now

Applications are open throughout the year. Please get in contact with our team to start your application process.

Ready to access finance and strategic connections?

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VCOE for investors

As a life sciences investor you will:

  • Join Europe’s premier open innovation and co-investment programme
  • Get access to innovation insights
  • Amplify your scouting, sourcing, and syndication capabilities
  • Increase your research and development, strategic collaboration, commercial partnership and other capabilities
  • Leverage partnership opportunities accessed across the VCOE’s qualified member base

To learn more about joining the programme as an investor, please contact: Isaac Middelmann