EIT Food Webinar on World Intellectual Property Day

On 26 April, join EIT Food for the Webinar WorldIP Day and discover more about Intellectual Property (IP) and Patents.

Register by Monday 26 April - 14:30

April 26 is World Intellectual Property (IP) Day and it aims to promote Intellectual Property and the management of IP as a benefit to society as well as an engine that fuels innovation.

IP is often relegated to the legal departments or Tech Transfer Departments and most researchers, let alone students, consider IP and especially Patents and Patent databases as a valuable resource rich in information that may guide their R&D efforts or commercialisation efforts. 

The Serious Game 'LeapInTime: A PatentGame' intends to help you understand the patent architecture. 

In this trailer release, you can meet the game designers and hear first-hand what it takes to develop a serious game in a serious topic such as Intellectual Property and give you a prelude to the formal release of the game this summer.

The game was developed with support from EIT Food, Aarhus University in partnership with University of Warsaw, Biosymfonix and Grendel Games.