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EIT Climate-KIC: Europe’s top 30 cleantech start-ups have been selected

EIT Climate-KIC 30 start-ups

Chosen start-ups are the most ready for investors

EIT Climate-KIC has announced Europe’s top 30 cleantech start-ups. Running the world’s largest cleantech start-up accelerator, the competition is fierce. However, these 30 have been identified as those most ready for investors to help scale up operations and open new doors.

In connection with the relaunch of the Investor Marketplace on 23 August 2018, the 30 most investor-ready companies from the EIT Climate-KIC’s start-up accelerator have been identified and invited to take part in a preparatory programme towards the annual Venture Competition taking place at Slush in Helsinki in December 2018.

Investor-Ready Start-ups

All top 30 cleantech start-ups are at a place in their growth curve where they will be able to scale their impact with the support of external finance. Thus, the programme is tailored for the 30 start-ups to learn how to attract, engage and negotiate with potential investors. The first part of the programme – a boot camp – will be held in Munich in connection during the founders’ festival Bits & Pretzels in October.

Along with the boot camp, EIT Climate-KIC has organised a pool of expert coaches to support the teams on specific challenges ranging from marketing and branding to HR, industrial product development and legal. It will furthermore host a series of 10×10 match making meet-ups between 10 of the 30 start-ups and 10 selected investors active in the cleantech and sustainability sector.

'It was really inspiring to see some leading companies from across Europe, some of them already disrupting markets. As is the nature of climate change, disrupting technology will take a longer time. I think that underlines the value of the whole EIT Climate-KIC activity.”said Ben Murphy from IP Group.

Preparing for Slush

The Venture Competition finale will be held, like last year, at Slush, in Helsinki –“The World’s Leading Start-up Event”. Taking place during the darkest time of the year, early December, Slush attracts some 20 000 people from the tech, innovation and start-up scene all over the world.

Some of the most forward-thinking investors have identified the potential in cleantech and sustainable business, and a couple of them contributed to the jury panel of last year’s Venture Competition. 'With start-ups like these it’s easy for us in the jury to see their growth challenges, and there will be a lot of them. But it takes real heroes to overcome them on the way to becoming global winners' said Alexander Bigge Lidgren from Loudspring

'Chris Rivest from Breakthrough Energy pointed out:'We look at two metrics: climate impact and scalability'

The Top 30 Cleantech Start-ups – #CleantechTop30


PeelPioneers Have developed a circular solution for turning citrus waste into value-added resources.

KarTent Develops a recyclable cardboard tent.

Cutwork designs spaces and furniture for companies in order to foster meaningful work and unlock the potential for collaboration.

Circular IQ has developed an application that improves clients’ circular performance and provides them with fact-based data on circularity characteristics.

Central and Eastern Europe

CleenUp has developed an application through which clients can leave their car in a parking spot and have it cleaned thanks to an eco-friendly nanotechnology.

V-Chiller has developed a cooling technology that can chill beverage cans in just a minute using 50% less energy than a normal chiller.

Handerek Technologies have developed the most cost-effective method of converting plastic waste into the highest quality of fuel.

Genomtec has a plan to build a breakthrough device that will be able to identify pathogens with 99 per cent accuracy within only 20 minutes.


Volterion provides easy and efficient storage of renewable energy.

Envelio has developed a software for the digital transformation of energy grids.

Refurbed is the online marketplace for refurbished electronics.

Twaice delivers solutions based on digital twins to reduce battery development and testing costs as well as to increase battery reliability and lifetime.

PlanBlue offers a new seafloor monitoring technology that automatically scans seafloor areas, as well as lake bottoms and river beds.

MeduSoil applies the world’s first soil bio-reinforcement technology to mainstream construction problems.


QISTA is a sustainable and effective mosquito control solution.

MUTUM is a platform which allows to freely borrow or exchange objects among its users. All exchanges are completely free and are organized through a ‘virtual money’.

ZELEROS has developed the world’s first energy neutral ground transport system.

LOWBUS is a software that optimizes bus companies by using artificial intelligence in order information to minimize the use of resources/buses needed.

WindCity has developed wind and water turbines based on patented solutions that allow variable geometries to adapt in real time to flow variability.

GreenCode has developed the Code-Demetra which is a 100% natural, non-toxic product that prologues the shelf life of fruit avoiding waste and saving energy due to low storage temperature required.


Modvion offers a new modular wind power tower that reaches higher altitudes, simplifies transportation and is built with the cheap renewable composite material CLT.

Penstable delivers sustainable pension plans for individuals and companies.  

Meshcraft delivers seamless and coordinated interaction between station owners and EV drivers.

Carbon Cloud supports the world in a transition to climate-smart eating habits.

Donkey Republic is providing bike sharing and lowering the transaction cost for bike renters across the world.

UK and Ireland

Mi-Algae produces high-quality microalgal products to use in livestock feeds.

Urban Electric provides EV charging for residential streets.

Hexafly develops new material sources from the sustainable farming of insects for the Aqua feed, Chitin and Plant Nutrition Industries.

IndiNature manufactures the world’s lowest carbon construction system made from entirely from plants, at half the cost of competitors..

Regional Innovation Scheme

Internet of Cargo – Sensefinity allows customers to integrate all of their assets into their IT systems to gain insights which optimises their business.

Biomyc Ltd is a starting biotech company that develops products inspired by natural processes.

EIT Regional Innovation Scheme 

Portugal and Bulgaria are part of the EIT Regional Innovation Scheme (EIT RIS). EIT RIS is the EIT Community’s outreach scheme. The scheme enables the transfer of good practices and know-how from the EIT’s unique approach to boosting innovation. The EIT RIS was introduced in 2014 to share good practices and experience emerging from EIT Community activities and to widen participation in our activities across Europe