EIT Climate-KIC supported Mimica Lab listed as 'UK greentech start-up to watch'

Mimica greentech start-up to watch EIT

Technology intended for the visually impaired becomes one to help us all

Techworld, a UK-based publication focusing on digital disruption and an industry leader for more than a decade, has named Mimica Labs as their top 'UK greentech start-up to watch'.

Mimica Touch is a patent-pending food expiry labelling innovation being developed by Mimica. It is a bio-responsive food expiry label that is calibrated to experience decay at the same rate as the food it is labelling and provide accurate, real-time indication of the product’s freshness.

Mimica has won numerous awards and been featured in many news outlets. The EIT website published an interview with Mimica's founder, Solveiga Pakstaite, back in November 2017. Read it here to get an idea of how useful Mimica Touch really is.

Also on the list, in third place, was Biokind, who was selected as one of the top three finalists for the 2018 EIT Food Entrepreneurship Prize. Biokind produces a natural and sustainable feed ingredient for fish farming, livestock and pets.