EIT InnoEnergy: BeON wins Schneider Electric award for Best Power Start-up

EIT InnoEnergy BeOn

Schneider Electric challenged start-ups to find sustainable and eco-friendly solutions to power the new digital economy.

BeON, a Portuguese start-up supported by EIT InnoEnergy, won the Schneider Electric award for Best Power Start-up with a  EUR15 000 prize. The start-up was also invited to be part of the Schneider Electric Business Incubation Initiative.

The challenge had four themes – energy efficiency, power distribution, microgrids and effective equipment – and was focused on large buildings such as commercial offices, schools, and hospitals.

BeON developed a microinverter: a device that allows any PV panel to be connected directly to an ordinary wall socket, safely and easily. This means solar systems can be sold anywhere and as cheaply as DIY kits, lowering EUR/W costs significantly and engaging people directly in renewable technologies.

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'The highly regarded Schneider Electric award for Best Power Start-up brings to BeON energy the confirmation from the Industry and Technology sectors that our solution is leading the tech trend in the energy space, and that they see our solar kit, which aims to turn a solar panel into a common home appliance, as an essential device in our homes, producing energy in a free and renewable way', said Rui Rodrigues, BeON’s CEO.

BeON’s goal is, according to Rodrigues, to revolutionise the energy market by "establishing the link between consumers and their energy and establishing a base that allows the consumer/producer (prosumer) to be at the centre of business models in the energy sector, paving the way for the introduction of new concepts and technologies based on a decentralized energy world”.

The start-up also recently won the Free Electrons award for the World’s Best Energy Start-up, awarded by eight of the top worldwide utilities, an award that gave to BeON 'the validity from the customer and energy solution retailers point of view', said Rodrigues.


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