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EIT InnoEnergy: vilisto wins additional core investors

EIT InnoEnergy vilisto

A successful year for EIT InnoEnergy supported start-up vilisto 

Just recently, the start-up won the prestigious Handelsblatt University Innovation Challenge and now they successfully completed another financing round. Besides EIT InnoEnergy and the other existing shareholders, three additional investors will as of now support vilisto’s innovative, self-learning radiator thermostats, giving them more financial stability and resources to expand their growth. Among those new investors are Dr. Beat Schwab, former Global Head Real Estate of Credit Suisse and among other functions also active member of the supervisory board and PropTech investor, as well as Matthias Helfrich, accredited BAND-Angel and long-time CFO of a successful Smart Grid startup.


Last winter, the vilisto team was able to win numerous customers with its product and demonstrably save over 30% heating energy. The demand is greater than the production capacities, which is why the fresh capital comes at exactly the right time. Only companies can acquire the new technology. 'The greatest added value of fully automated thermostats can be found in the office area, where no one takes care of the heating, which is considered a classical free-rider problem. It is not unusual for employees to leave the heating switched on in the evening to keep the office warm in the morning,' said Christoph Berger, founder and CEO at vilisto. Their innovative solution solves this problem with an integrated presence detection and learning algorithms, taking even future occupation events into account.

For the following months, vilisto is seeking even more growth capital to increase their business in numerous ways. 'With fresh capital, we can now invest in new staff. We are growing and are therefore seeking experts like service technicians, developers, sales staff and other employees who want to grow with us,' said Berger.

'We are very pleased that vilisto has been able to attract further competent investors for its projects, who bring in profound expertise beyond the financial resources. Expanding the round of investors helps vilisto to be well positioned for future challenges. We look forward to continuing our mutual success story,'  said Timo Lassak, Business Creation Manager at EIT InnoEnergy.

'Vilisto is a very good example for the triple bottom line: people, planet, profit. A great team is helping us to save energy which leads to lower costs and economic benefits,' said Beat Schwab. Matthias Helfrich adds: 'Energy efficiency and artificial Intelligence. For vilisto’s customers not buzz-words but real savings and a guarantee for sustainability'.

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