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EIT Raw Materials: highlights from the Raw Materials Venture Forum

EIT Raw Materials: highlights from the Raw Materials Venture Forum

On 30 September, the Raw Materials Venture Forum showcased innovative start-ups and SMEs as part of the Raw Materials Summit 2020

Over 70 companies applied to present their businesses. 27 selected companies pitched online in front of an expert jury of venture capital and corporate investors and investment intermediaries in the field. The Raw Materials Venture Forum e-pitches are part of the World Round Table, a yearly programme of our partner TechTour, which connects top entrepreneurs selected in 15 qualifying events for companies to compete at the World Round Table in January 2021.

The Raw Materials Venture Forum is the best place for entrepreneurs and investors to join forces creating a business, a social and an environmental impact in Europe across the value chain.

Nestor Coronado - Head of Business Development at EIT RawMaterials

Meet the top seven innovators:

Novamera (Canada) created a viable solution to address mining steeply dipping narrow vein deposits by augmenting existing directional drilling equipment and ground penetrating radar technology with innovative improvements geared toward the mining environment. ​The unique drilling system combines high resolution subsurface imaging and directional drilling in a two-pass process that identifies the physical shape of the vein and is highly flexible to changes in vein geometry.

Intrapore (Germany) is the first company in the world to offer solutions for soil and groundwater remediation with the use of nano- and microparticles (NMP). It is the only company to have a particle mix which is customised for each project. Intrapore patented NMP allow us to remediate even the most challenging forms of contamination.

Purified Metal Company (PMC) (Netherlands) is the first company in the world with an environmentally friendly and economically feasible method to recycle contaminated steel scrap into high-quality raw materials for the steel industry. The newly constructed plant makes a valuable contribution to the decarbonisation of the EU‘s steel industry: it will save 150 000 tons of CO2 per year compared to the production of steel from iron ore.

Scientific Visual (Switzerland) technologies improve the quality and speed of sapphire processing by objectively identifying and quantifying internal defects in sapphire at earlier stages in the production cycle than previously possible. For the first time, sapphire users are able to establish objective, observer-independent and traceable quality control processes that reduce production costs and streamline their supply chain with SapphiroScan.

Schrott24 (Austria) is the digital pioneer building the future of the circular economy. In Germany and Austria, Schrott24 is the platform for buying scrap metal. With the help of their technology, Schrott24 can react dynamically to the supply and demand of scrap metals in the network of scrap dealers and factories.

Magment (Germany) focuses on the development, design and manufacturing of magnetisable concretes used for innovative, competitive and customer-oriented electromagnetic solutions. The main applications are inductive components and dynamic wireless transmission for EVs, an essential technology for autonomous driving. Magment uses recycled magnetic materials as aggregates in our concretes making them highly competitive.

Minviro (United Kingdom) offers a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) to quantify a range of impact categories including climate change, water use, land use, acidification, toxicity impacts. This data allows scientifically robust communication of environmental impacts to a range of stakeholders to local communities, governments, investors, OEMs and other consumers.

Congratulations to all the participants and winners of the Raw Materials Venture Forum 2020. The next step for the selected teams is pitching at the World Round Table.

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