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LEADERS – 30 female manufacturing innovators from RIS countries pre-selected

The EIT Manufacturing RIS activity “LEADERS" is going ahead! In the beginning of October, 30 participants of the LEADERS call met for an online pitch training.

The female innovators, who contribute to providing solutions to address manufacturing-related challenges, are now preparing for the Grand Final of LEADERS.

"I am proud to see how much great potential we have in the EIT RIS countries and how many talented women innovators could be identified by this call. We hope, with this activity, in addition to supporting and highlighting female LEADERS in EIT RIS, we will eventually motivate more female talents to innovate and lead.”

Megi Plaku, CLC East RIS Relationship Manager 

The EIT Manufacturing RIS activity “LEADERS” aims at supporting female innovators from EIT RIS eligible countries. Out of all received applications, 30 LEADERS were pre-selected and joined two online training sessions on business pitching led by CLC West-Business Creation Manager Gala Maturana, who is also a Professional Certified Coach by the International Coaching Federation. In the first training session, Gala gave the participants basic insights and helpful tips on pitching and shared her vast experience with them. In a second workshop, the pre-selected LEADERS applied their new knowledge and trained live pitching with the other candidates, receiving instant feedback.

In a next step, the 30 pre-selected LEADERS will submit their 3-minute video pitches, which an external jury will evaluate. Only 6 participants will be invited to live pitch in the LEADERS Grand Final during the EIT Manufacturing Summit 2021. In the end, 3 LEADERS will be awarded with prizes of up to EUR 10.000 and will receive additional international publicity through EIT Manufacturing.

“We need the manufacturing sector to be more inclusive, and the best way to achieve this is by supporting women innovators to become the role models that the next generations of girls will be looking up to. We want to encourage having more women in higher positions for a more sustainable and more competitive manufacturing industry. Diversity and inclusion – this is the way to go.”

Gala Maturana, Business Creation Manager, EIT Manufacturing CLC West.


LEADERS is an EIT Manufacturing RIS activity aiming to reach out to support the best women innovators in EIT RIS eligible countries (i.e. professionals, researchers, entrepreneurs) who play a leading role in developing solutions and initiatives addressing manufacturing-related challenges with strong financial, environmental, or societal impact.

Join the LEADERS Grand Final at the EIT Manufacturing Summit 2021!

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