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Watch the videos of the 2017 EIT Change Award Nominees

EIT Nominees Change Award 2017

The EIT CHANGE Award celebrates graduates from EIT-labelled educational programmes who spur innovation and entrepreneurship and bring about change in the areas addressed by the EIT and its Innovation Communities.

The range of innovations in the EIT Awards include a tactile belt to help visually impaired people navigate the world; software to plan greener buildings by assessing their lifecycle; a process to produce biofuel from waste wood; and a process to produce ink from waste coffee grounds.

Meet the nominees at INNOVEIT 2017!

Eline Leising's project extracts pigments from coffee waste and uses them to create sustainable ink.

Florence Gshwend's project uses any type of woody material to produce the chemicals, materials and fuels of a cleaner tomorrow.

Julia Wache's project gives people, especially the blind and visually impaired, more freedom and independence by facilitating orientation with a navigation device that leaves hands, eyes and ears free.

Philipp Hollberg's project enables building planners to optimise designs from an environmental, energetic and economical perspective, taking the entire lifecycle into account.

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