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The EIT Jumpstarter is back for 2023

One of Europe’s best programmes for early-stage innovators is back in 2023 with two new categories: Rebuild Ukraine and Digital! Apply now, join the EIT Jumpstarter and access the largest innovation network of EIT Communities.

Innovators will compete for the whopping first prize of up to EUR 10 000 in nine categories.

The EIT Jumpstarter is building a new wave of European changemakers

Economic growth, stability, and social impact can be achieved through deep tech. To bring new ideas to the market, Europe needs to nurture its talent pool. The whole talent pool.

There are thousands of researchers, scientists, and early entrepreneurs working on cutting-edge ideas in over 20 countries in Central, Eastern, and Southern Europe. Many of them build innovations, but lack business skills, networks, or market validation. With the EIT Jumpstarter, they can get this.

The EIT Jumpstarter wants to initiate early adoption of technology trends, override


 hype curves, and deliver long-term value for the European deep tech ecosystem. We have already helped 750 teams across different industries and regions. Want to join the new wave of Europe’s changemakers and show your idea to the world?

A 2022 winner, Blaž Zoubek, Co-founder of Spektral Seismic Solutions acquired much-needed skills during the programme that helped them expand and take the next step on their business journey:

The EIT Jumpstarter programme is a good starting point and learning experience for young entrepreneurs. It helps teams consider all possible aspects of their business and, as a result, develop a concise business plan around their original idea.

Blaž Zoubek, Co-founder of Spektral Seismic Solutions

Last year alone, 188 teams competed, and a total of 331 individuals were trained, mentored and supported in expanding impactful ideas into powerful business models. And they took home the combined prize pool of EUR 154 000.

Is the EIT Jumpstarter for you?


One of the winners last year was Thertact, who competed in the health division. André Perrotta recommends the EIT Jumpstarter because the programme helped them to “understand how to put a price on the product and the steps to make it investable so that they could develop it more.”

The EIT Jumpstarter is open to students, PhDs, researchers, and entrepreneurs from over 20 countries in Central, Eastern, and Southern Europe, including the Western Balkans, Ukraine, and Türkiye. It has been shaped by top experts from seven knowledge and innovation communities (EIT InnoEnergy, EIT Manufacturing, EIT Urban Mobility, EIT Health, EIT Food, EIT RawMaterials and EIT Digital). Its curriculum responds to the main challenges researchers and scientists face when starting their own companies. Also, it aligns with top European trends, like deep tech.

With the EIT Jumpstarter, innovators will get direct insight into industry dynamics and trends, and upgrade their business readiness level. A truly unique cross-industry environment makes it easy to get started.

Expanding to the Western Balkans, Ukraine and exploring Digital

Western Balkans: The EIT Jumpstarter is more than a special prize, it is a shift in mindset and approach. With this new dimension across the categories of the EIT Jumpstarter, we are strengthening the cooperation between the countries of the Western Balkans and the European Union.

Rebuild Ukraine: This new cohort is for all Ukrainians who want to rebuild and revitalise the country through innovation. We’re looking for scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs, PhD and master’s students and innovators across all thematic cohorts – namely Digital, Food, Health, Energy, Manufacturing, Raw Materials, Urban Mobility and the New European Bauhaus. Ukrainian citizens and teams can only apply for this category.

Digital: By providing technology, talent, and support to businesses and entrepreneurs, the Digital category is building the next generation of digital ventures, products, and services, which respond to key societal digital challenges, such as digital tech, digital cities, digital industry, digital well-being and digital finance.

New European Bauhaus: The innovative solutions that teams develop in this category contribute to the creation of beautiful, sustainable and inclusive places, products and ways of living. The ideas connect the objectives of the European Green Deal to European citizens and highlight the three dimensions of the New European Bauhaus: sustainability, aesthetics and inclusion.

What’s in it for you?

Through the programme, you will receive:

  • Training from experienced innovators​
  • Support for the ideation process through business upskilling​
  • Cross-sectoral validation to reach product/solution market fit​
  • Grant to cover your travel and accommodation, or develop your project and create your start-up​
  • Access to the EIT Alumni and investors’ network​
  • Entrepreneurial toolkit to create and innovate your business model​
  • A chance to win the EUR 10 000 first prize​

Applications are open until 16 April 2023.

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