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EIT Digital Master students secure EUR 500k funding

EIT Digital Master School students will bring to market a COVID-19 solution with support from EIT Digital, the European innovation organisation. 

The solution, a 3D printed remote monitoring device can measure vital signs of corona patients which enables nurses to safely monitor multiple patients at the same time. The support entails a total investment of EUR 500 000 coming from EIT Digital and partners.


EIT Crisis Response Initiative Budget: EUR 476 300

Innovation: Antofénol is a French biotechnology company dedicated to the development of a sustainable and healthy replacement for chemical preservatives on fruit and vegetables, which are used to extend shelf life and preserve quality.

11 start-ups affected by COVID-19 helped by EIT Health

EUR 5.5 million in co-investment through Start-up Rescue Instrument to help companies maintain business continuity.

EUR 5.5 million has been awarded by EIT Health to start-ups in Europe. This will support business continuity in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Initiated by EIT Health in May, the Start-up Rescue Instrument called on highly innovative biotech, medtech and digital health start-ups to apply to receive, in return for options, up to EUR 500 000 in co-investment from EIT Health.