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Community activites

EIT Community initiatives are programmes in which KICs come together to develop strategic services, fostering synergies and delivering cost-effective solutions through economies of scale. 

EIT Education

The EIT Community is driven by a firm dedication to systemic change through education. Our model opens unprecedented opportunities for students, scholars, and professionals working and studying in Europe.

By promoting interactions and alignment between educational activities from different parts of our Community, we create cross-cutting opportunities, foster peer learning, and embed learning into every partner interaction. As a result, EIT partners and learners are equipped to innovate solutions to global challenges tackled by European policies, most notably the Green Deal, the New European Innovation Agenda, and efforts to eliminate the gender skills gap.

To maximise the impact of such educational offerings, EIT Community education activities: 

  • Create a sustainable learner lifecycle connecting secondary education to higher education and beyond that imbues the European education ecosystem with innovation and peer learning

  • Offer one stop shop access to comprehensive education programmes and services from across all the thematic areas of the EIT Community

  • Provide industry, governments, and policy makers with access to deep tech talent, interns and alumni who strengthen Europe’s ability to innovate, undertake research, and its overall global competitiveness

  • Support a fair and gender-equal transition towards a greener Europe, empowering talent to overcome prejudice and bias

The Deep Tech Talent Initiative

The EIT Deep Tech Talent Initiative (DTTI) is a flagship effort driven by the European Commission, the EIT, and a rich network of partners. It will train one million people in deep tech areas over the next three years. Currently, Europe lacks the talent and skilled labour force necessary to leverage the new technologies for the green and digital transition. As part of the European Commission’s New European Innovation Agenda, this crucial initiative will address the talent gap by developing a strong deep tech talent pool across Europe.

Whether you are an individual looking to gain new skills, an organisation seeking talent, or a potential partner looking to offer trainings, our doors are open. Our dedicated platform offers a gateway to all EIT Deep Tech Talent Initiative courses and opportunities to develop new deep tech training materials. The platform will also allow organisations and learners to interact. Its features include:

  • Tools to match individual needs with available trainings and to match pledgers and resources with users and learners
  • technology radar and foresight tool for rapidly identifying emerging deep tech technologies and applications
  • Tools to track and visualise the progress of the EIT Deep Tech Talent Initiative

If you’d like to be a partner or a sponsor, you can take the Pledge for Deep Tech Talents to join the initiative and contribute to the development and delivery of its courses and training. The Pledge unites public and private organisations, industry representatives and champions, academic partners, education providers, and Member States to support the initiative. While the Pledge targets organisations and individuals residing in EU Member States, it is also open to Horizon Europe associated and EU partner countries.

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For more information, visit the DTTI website or contact the DTTI team. 

EIT Youth

EIT Youth, with its Girls Go Circular programme, the Women and Girls in STEM Forum, and Junior Alumni initiative, empowers secondary school students to gain entrepreneurial and digital skills while teaching them about the circular economy and deep tech.

Girls Go Circular

Girls Go Circular is an EU-funded education programme that equips girls aged 14-19 across Europe with digital and entrepreneurial skills through an online learning platform on the circular economy. Girls Go Circular supports closing the gender gap in STEM and ICT by empowering girls to become agents of change in the digital and green transition. Thus, the programme contributes to gender equality policy objectives, specifically the Digital Education Action Plan 2021-2027 (Action 13) and the New European Innovation Agenda.

Women and Girls in STEM Forum

Every year, Girls Go Circular organises the Women and Girls in STEM Forum. This annual event has become a platform for leading voices of students, teachers, mentors, policymakers, researchers and industry working towards a truly equal and inclusive future of Europe.

Junior Alumni

Junior Alumni is aemerging community of young talent graduating from the Girls Go Circular programme. By sticking with the EIT community, graduates can participate in EIT-labelled degrees, non-degrees, fellowship programmes, and other EIT educational offerings. Graduates will already have solid digital, entrepreneurial, and green skills, and can develop into the innovators, entrepreneurs, and researchers Europe needs to reach the digital and green transition.

Want to support EIT Youth activities? Join the Circular Learning Space, visit the Girls Go Circular website, and subscribe to the Girls Go Circular Quarterly Newsletter.

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EIT Alumni

EIT Alumni is an interdisciplinary and multicultural network of change agents who share a vision of a more sustainable Europe. Graduates of all EIT Community activities and programmes work together to develop new innovations and businesses specifically geared towards solving global challenges. 

EIT alumni can:

  • Connect with fellow alumni across Europe and collaborate on exciting projects while gaining access to programmes, events, and resources that spur personal and professional growth
  • Develop leadership and decision-making skills alongside changemakers looking to create a sustainable society for future generations
  • Gain a powerful network of connections across industries and sectors, including mentors, collaborators, and new job opportunities

Every year, our alumni gather at EIT Alumni Connect, a hallmark event that unites EIT alumni, entrepreneurs, and EIT Community representatives to spark creativity and cooperation among an ever-growing network of inspirational individuals.

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For more information, visit the EIT Alumni webpage or email Liana Shvachiy.

EIT Campus

EIT Campus is the one stop shop for all EIT Community courses. This comprehensive online platform brings together a wide variety of programmes from the world of innovation, sustainability, entrepreneurship, and emerging technologies. No matter where you’re from, you’ll be able to access rewarding opportunities to develop personally and professionally. 

Our courses prepare learners to address the critical challenges we now face through a combination of existing technologies and an entrepreneurial approach. Furthermore, EIT Campus provides learners and professionals with opportunities to develop their skills to advance their careers and equip them with the right tools to understand and support the green transition.

As of today, there are 220 courses featured on the platform in the areas of climate, food, urban mobility, raw materials, manufacturing, digital technology, and health. We currently work with more than 200 partners, and we reach approximately 1 700 new users every month. Our community is constantly growing! 

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For more information, send an email to Luisa Esposito or Gerard Domínguez.