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Community activites

EIT Community initiatives are programmes in which KICs come together to develop strategic services, fostering synergies and delivering cost-effective solutions through economies of scale. 

Women Entrepreneurship (Supernovas)

EIT Food, EIT Manufacturing, and EIT Urban Mobility bring you Supernovas, the programme for women entering entrepreneurship. We empower woman-led start-ups, enable women to join the early-stage funding industry, and inspire role models across the sector. 

Supernovas articulates a support system for women to enter and scale positions in the ecosystem, while at the same time, opening up the scope of roles that need more women. We want to help participants gather financial support, provide them with information and education recommendations, and create networking opportunities.

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Rocket up

We help women-led start-ups enter a new European market with a solid strategy and local validation of their product and service. The goal is to maximise your business’ growth and fundraising potential. We provide a custom-made programme, mixing insightful and inspiring group sessions with exceptional mentors to help you achieve your objectives.


We help women with Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM) studies start their careers in venture investment by training them in fundamentals that prepare them for an entry role in the industry. We generate networking sessions with seasoned investment professionals as well as Women2Invest alumnae and match them with investors (venture capital, corporate venture capital, or corporate venturing units) for internship opportunities. 

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Mentoring for Women Leaders

We offer EIT community women access to a broad network that can offer mentoring, coaching, and training opportunities to take their managerial and leadership skills to the next level.

Women Investor Network

We provide women working in VC (junior or senior positions) and women business angels (active or aspiring) with training, networking opportunities and access to the deal flow, particularly in women-led tech start-ups. We do this by applying a transversal approach that focuses on:

  • Awareness-raising and model creation
  • Capacity building and empowering women to enter and shine in the ecosystem
  • Connecting women within the entrepreneurship ecosystem and those wishing to join it
  • Articulating a support system for female investors and entrepreneurs

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