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Community activites

EIT Community initiatives are programmes in which KICs come together to develop strategic services, fostering synergies and delivering cost-effective solutions through economies of scale. 

Western Balkans Support

The EIT Community has proudly unveiled its prominent initiative, InfraBooster, designed exclusively for research infrastructure institutions in the Western Balkans and which is a great example of the collaboration between different EIT Knowledge and Innovation Communities (KICs) and top-tier partners.

The programme, led by EIT Food, is also supported by EIT Climate-KIC, EIT Health, and EIT Manufacturing.

The EIT Community has already provided the region with substantial funding of over EUR 4.55 million by mid-2023. Moreover, thanks to its support, over 8 000 individuals were trained through our educational programmes. 

This modular training programme is for representatives of scientific organisations that own research infrastructures. It offers capacity building and support in designing infrastructure-based services that could be offered for companies. Participants will be able to leverage their commercially relevant research infrastructures as well as the skills and knowledge of their research teams. InfraBooster will bring them closer to their industry, increasing their institution’s collaboration, international exposure, and innovativeness, and helping them establish a new source of revenue.

If you’re interested in applying for our training, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us via email: 


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