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Community activites

EIT Community initiatives are programmes in which KICs come together to develop strategic services, fostering synergies and delivering cost-effective solutions through economies of scale. 

Global Outreach

EIT Global Outreach is the global arm of EIT – building bridges between the European innovation ecosystem and ecosystems around the world. We connect talent, knowledge, and key players. As part of a global outreach strategy, innovation hubs were established in San Francisco, USA and Tel-Aviv, Israel along with an additional global platform which lets players around the world access programmes that help explore new innovation ecosystems.

Global Outreach provides the EIT access to the latest knowledge and the best talent worldwide and creates business opportunities in new markets with the goal of creating positive societal impact.

EIT Hub Silicon Valley

EIT Hub Silicon Valley creates synergies between the EIT Community and the Silicon Valley innovation ecosystem to support the growth of innovative start-ups and increase the numbers of the Europe-California and EIT Community collaborative projects. EIT Hub Silicon Valley opened in 2019 as the EIT’s first community hub outside of Europe. It helpEuropean innovators attract American customers, partners and investors by showcasing European innovation to the California innovation and education ecosystem.

EIT Hub Israel

EIT Hub Israel creates synergies between the EIT Community and the Israeli innovation ecosystem, supporting the growth of innovative start-ups and increasing EU-Israeli collaboration. EIT Hub Israel is dedicated to cultivating a culture of continuous learning within the start-up and scale-up realms, leveraging the invaluable insights sourced from Israel's vibrant and matured ecosystem. We promote the well-being and prosperity of Europeans by making it easier to integrate cutting-edge Israeli technologies into the European landscape.


EIT UK creates synergies between the EIT Community and the UK innovation ecosystem to support the growth of innovative start-ups and increase the number of EU-UK collaborative projects. It serves as the platform for stronger partnerships and cross-border activities between UK-based partners and the EIT Knowledge and Innovation Communities.

EIT Global Platform

In addition to permanent Hubs in Tel-Aviv and Silicon Valley, the Global Outreach runs a platform that helps explore global ecosystems by operating innovative programmes for European innovation ecosystem players around the world. The platform is suited to a rapidly changing world and a fast-paced global market and offers an efficient and accurate way to establish 'boots on the ground' in global hotspots. Throughout 2023, the platform operated programmes in the UK East Coast and the UK ecosystem.

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