50 students from RIS countries participated in EIT Food internship projects

EIT Food RIS interships

Fifteen PhD and 35 MSc students took their chance and succeeded in getting an internship in a wide range of companies from the food sector. 

Thanks to the EIT Food project, students from all over Europe were able to broaden their theoretical knowledge with practical skills. Not only global companies, but also start-ups from RisingFoodStars association and research institutes have been delighted with the cooperation with the young people, which brought added value to all stakeholders.

During the multistage recruitment process, 23 EIT Food host companies approved the 50 best candidates from 236 applicants for interns who met the selection criteria. Moreover, all interns benefited from widening their horizons, getting practical experiences, developing competences, and building a professional business network.

EIT Food believes that after coming back to their home countries, they will be inspired to start their own business by sharing best practices of the agrifood industry. 

About the EIT Food internship project

MSc students and graduates with different educational backgrounds as well as PhD students and post-docs from 28 RIS countries will discover job opportunities in the food industry, by getting unique, professional, paid, 3-6 month internships within the framework of EIT Food RIS Fellowships project. Unlike other scholarship projects, the MSc students and graduates will reveal their talents in the agrifood sector, throughout gaining hands-on experiences and strengthening their job-related skills, including analytical thinking and creative problem-solving. Whereas, PhD students and post-docs will participate in innovation projects of EIT Food and R&D projects by becoming involved in dedicated internships in the EIT Food partner organisations.

The project enhances the innovativeness of personnel in the agrifood industry and targets candidates from all EIT RIS countries. RIS Fellowships candidates will apply academic knowledge in practical, real problematic situations of the EIT consortium companies while RIS Talents doctoral students and young postdocs will participate in R&D projects carried out by EIT Food partners. Internships offered were based on the individual programmes focused on the intern's profile and ongoing activities in the companies. The selection process of candidates was implemented as an open call, using clear and transparent selection criteria.

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