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Check out where 2018 EIT Woman Award Winner Isabel Hoffmann is now

Isabel Hoffmann

Each year, the EIT holds the EIT Awards as part of its innovation forum, INNOVEIT.

The Awards showcase the best ideas and innovators from the growing EIT Community over the last year, and provide a valuable means of boosting the visibility of projects, ideas and people.

Learn about the nominees for the 2019 EIT Awards

But what about those who won last year? We didn't forget them. Below are the highlights of the second in a series of brief interviews we recently held, this time with Isabel Hoffmann, founder of Tellspec and winner of the 2018 Woman Award.  

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How did you experience the EIT Awards and your win? 

It was an amazing experience and I learnt a lot. It required a lot of time commitment but it was well worth it.

How did your innovation develop after your win? Did the prize money help? How was it used?

Yes, the prize money helped, it was used fully by my company to do more R&D and to continue our work.

What are your plans for the future? How will you develop?

We have applied to the SME Instrument Phase 2 and pitched in Brussels in early July. I think everything I learnt from the EIT prize will help us do well in this pitch and I hope to have good news from that interview. We continue raising money and this prize has been a great asset.

Have you been involved with the EIT Community since your win? Have you received any more support from the EIT Community?

Yes, we have been very involved and have currently one grant project and applied for two others for 2020.

Do you have any advice for the 2019 EIT Awards nominees?

I really think if one put the time to learn what is taught during the coaching sessions, and the effort to work hard to follow the suggestions, one can win this prize. But if you do not win, do not worry, because the experience alone is great and this is a great opportunity to connect to our EIT Community. Today, I am good friends with many of the nominees and we support each other. I absolutely have the best memories about the week in September and then the few days in October. Thank you all for organising these great awards.

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